Zohomail is an integrated suite of nine applications including Zoho Docs, Connect and Office Suite. It helps you to take control of your inbox. With Zohomail, experience the clean and ad free features especially for business and professional use.

Free email services of Zohomail :

Zoho Mail is one of the best email services providing you the features like POP and IMAP access, ample storage, instant messaging and online office suites. The mail service is completely dedicated to meet the services of professional and business users. Zoho Mail includes organizing all the mails without display advertising. It can also automatically archive old mails of your account. You can retrieve mails from POP accounts and send from its web interface using all your addresses. On Zohomail, an out-of- office auto-responder can answer emails on your behalf.

Extraordinary Features of Zohomail :

  • Clean and Fast interface
  • Ad-free Displays
  • Power Features for Business and Professional Use
  • Improves productivity and effriciency for office mails
  • 24*7 access anywhere
  • Extensive Control Panel
  • Expert Aided Migration Options
  • Email and CRM Integration

Issues with Zohomail Account :

  • Audit Logs
  • Blocked Accounts
  • Retry mails
  • Users without mailbox

Services of Zoho Mail Email Support for Zohomail users :

If you are facing any Zoho Mail account related issues, contact Zoho Mail support :

  • Initially, visit the Zoho Corp Add Request page.
  • Enter your name under Contact Name.
  • Type an email address and a brief description of your question or problem under Subject.
  • Enter your phone number at which you can be reached under Phone.
  • Pick a support type under Request Type.
  • Choose Report a Problem and type your full request for support for Zoho Mail.
  • Provide as much detail as possible regarding your account problem.
  • Type the letters from the CAPTCHA image under Word Verification.
  • Click Save.
  • Your account issue will be send to the Zohomail Support and you will receive the resolution for the same.

Help & Support Service Department Official Links
Zoho Mail customer support page https://help.zoho.com
Official Zoho Mail community/forum https://forums.zoho.com
Contact Information https://www.zoho.com/contactus.html

How to contact Zoho Mail Support :

In case of the mail issues like the account inaccessibility, missing mails, strange error messages, else’s message in your inbox etc., you need to contact on 1-844-762-3344 for the Zoho Mail support service that not only provides you hassle free amenities, but also gives you 24*7 services on a single call only. Zoho Mail ensures you to provide the pleasurable experience via email or phone.


  • How to send emails?

    To send an email message user first need to specify the recipients and the sender. The list of distribution is shown in the Select distribution list field. Select one and it will be used as recipients. Each contact will receive a personal email message. Just click on the Send button to start sending email messages.

  • What to do if an email is returned?

    In form of a bounce back message your email account will return an email if there is an issue typically, these may be the reasons why the email will be bounced back.

  • Email Account does not exist:

    If you get this message after sending an email, it's better to check the address of the recipient is spelled correctly or not.

  • Full Inbox:

    This is a clear indication that the recipient's inbox is full and cannot accept more messages. The little you can do to resolve this error unless you have another means of contacting that person is to notify them of the full inbox.

  • IP Address Blocked or Blacklisted:

    This message typically refers to an IP address being blocked and will usually provide a URL with more information as well.